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Promoting unquestionable technology and quality solutions in electromedical equipment

We were born on July, 15, 1994 in Amparo/SP, and the essence of our company is to use state-of -the-art technology to develop equipment for human wellness, in physical rehabilitation, esthetics or esthetic medicine. Today, we are located in a built area of 3.800m², and the research and development of our equipment follow the norm of good manufacturing practices of electromedical equipment, guaranteeing great scientific support and the full recognition of the national market.

Since then, and for more than two decades, we have gone through countless moments together: in hundreds of events, training courses, symposiums, workshops, retailers, technical assistance. Always with the goal of transforming lives, elevating self-esteem and strengthening our bonds with you.

We are not alone in this Journey. We created and built, in 2009, CEFAI, Center for Advanced Studies IBRAMED, which is a post-graduation educational institute. The center exists to make the knowledge produced by the physiotherapy, esthetics and esthetic medicine accessible.


Promoting unquestionable technology and quality solutions in electromedical equipment, to provide the full satisfaction of our clients, the development of our partners and the sustainability of the business.


To be a reference in technology and knowledge applied to human health.


Ethics, respect, innovation, flexibility and social and environmental responsibility.

Register and Certifications

IBRAMED has the certifications and registers required by the competent bodies to commercialize its products, both in Brazil and abroad (USA), and the certifications of the quality management system. (MS).

FDA – Food and Drug Administration – is the regulating body of the United States responsible for the control of food (both human and animal), dietary supplements, medication (human and animal), cosmetics, medical equipment, biological material and derivatives of human blood. IBRAMED complies with the requirements of this body. Its registration number is 03026070.

NBR ISO 13485 is also a norm of the quality management system (QMS), specifically directed to medical area companies and establishes requirements which encompass phases from development to post-sales service.

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